Apple is Finally Becoming More Responsive to Customers

man on iphone and macbook

It’s no coincidence that the first iPad Mini was released almost exactly a year after Steve Jobs died, or that the iPhone 5, the first to feature a larger screen, was released a year after that.

Steve Jobs was openly vocal about the fact he was completely against smaller iPads and larger iPhones. And he didn’t particularly care that customers were begging for them so they could stay within the beloved Apple eco-system while getting to have all the features of competing smart phones.

While iPhones are still notorious for lagging behind other brands in terms of features, they manage to stay close enough to satisfy the customer base.

That is because Apple under Tim Cook is more responsive to customers than the company was under Steve Jobs, and it is translating into greater revenue for Apple on a daily basis.

Here are two of the most notable recent examples.

·      Refurbished iPhones

For the first time in ten years, customers can buy certified refurbished iPhones online. The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models are currently available. They all feature new batteries and come with a one year warranty. This may be an attempt to provide a low cost option to customers in place of the lower end SE models that are being discontinued.

·      Improved MacBook Pro

Apple is supposedly ramping up production of the new MacBook Pros, because even though they haven’t been released yet, there are already more pre-orders than there were sales of the competing Windows laptops in the last twelve months. It’s looking like it will sell more units than any other laptop released in the last two years.

While iPhone 7 sales may have lagged a bit this year, there are exciting rumors about Apple bringing out the largest iPhones and iPads yet, both with edge to edge screens. Because that’s what customers are asking for, and Apple is finally listening.