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Saturday, August 19, 2017
credit card

Citigroup: Risky Business

Every year, the Financial Stability Board publishes a list of banks ranked according to two major factors.--One is how much they would disrupt international...
american flag and stock chart

Tech is Taking a Hit Because of Trump

It’s been just one surprise after another since Tuesday night. It was predicted that Trump winning the election would mean chaos in the market, but...
businessmen making an acquisition

LinkedIn Acquisition Still Dogged by Salesforce

Salesforce keeps nipping at the heels of Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn like a badly behaved dog. While the exercise is futile for any significant...
Tweet word on shelf

Twitter on the Hot Seat

Twitter (TWTR) is making news on multiple fronts today, and none of it is looking good. First comes the news that Twitter will post their...
oil field

Oil Industry: The Bad, the Good & two Uglies

The oil and gas industry has had a really rough two and a half years. So you can call that the Ugly, for sure....
bars of gold

Gold’s Dirty Little Secret

Under normal circumstances, the price of gold correlates to the balance sheets of the world’s four largest central banks: the Fed in the U.S.,...
stock chart with graph

Intel or Other Dividend Stocks?

Forget about Intel, there are other dividend stocks out there that pay better! That's what many analysts are saying. Just like IBM, Intel has...
man looking at stock chart

IBM Stock on the Rise

IBM stock has been somewhat stagnant over the last couple of years for a number of reasons. A big factor is the fact that...