Google Storms the Fashion Industry

goog fashion app

Tech companies are always working on prototypes which generate excitement among the masses. However, they are usually years in advance of when the actual products will be available, and many of the more extreme ones which seem like futuristic science fiction tend to fizzle out before they actually get manufactured. Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) seems to have defied that pattern with a recent announcement.

Ivyrevel, a UK company backed by H&M, will be creating what they are calling “coded couture”. The company has collaborated with Google to create a phone app that will monitor what users are doing for an entire week, and then design a dress which will be perfect for those activities.

The app will track where users are going, what they’re doing once they arrive and what the weather is like at the time. These are called “context signals” and an algorithm is used to process them in order to create a dress custom designed to suit them.

The app is currently already at the trial stage, with influencers within the fashion industry testing out the “data dresses”. There doesn’t seem to be any information yet about how much the garments will cost, or whether dresses will be the only type of clothing available. Presumably, if the dress is successful, more pieces will become available, as well.

Another question is whether the app will only be available to Android users, or phones using iOS or other operating systems will also be able to use it. It is based on Android’s Awareness API, which one of the posts on the Android Developer’s blog says allows apps to “be aware of all aspects of a user’s environment”.

All of these questions, and more, should be answered in the not too distant future. Because, unlike some unbelievably futuristic prototypes, Ivyrevel’s website states that this app is expected to be released to the public later this year.