IBM is Merry, Merry

IBM stock chart in December

IBM is just full of end-of-year goodness, helping others and probably getting a nice boost itself. Here’s what’s on the holiday schedule for Big Blue.


Actually, that’s E.L.F., for Experiential List Formulator. It seems that one of IBM’s developer partners with the company’s Artificial Intelligence giant Watson, Satisfi, has collaborated with the company to help visitors to the Mall of America have a more individualized experience while doing all their holiday buying. Shoppers can access the service through Facebook Messenger, or online with desktop computers or mobile devices by going to

Visitors to the Bloomington, Minnesota shopping center are asked questions such as what type of activities they like, and how much time they will be spending at the mall. The program then offers suggestions which best fit the criteria, such as shows, stores, theme park rides and more.

At this point, it is starting to look like there is literally no end to the uses for Watson, and that can only lead to good things for IBM.

Historical & Technical Aspects

Stock prices tend to float upward in December, all the way to the end of the year. And this is usually even more the case with companies who have had a strong year. Large cap stocks almost always experience this trend, including IBM. If history is any indication, the last two or three weeks of 2016 should be offering firm support.

A close look at the charts will show that IBM’s share price has been slowly but steadily rising. Barring any unexpected surprises, there doesn’t seem to be any obvious reasons that would prevent it from continuing to push forward along that path to even higher prices. The stock has been having higher highs and higher lows since February.