IBM’s Plan for World Domination

businessman holding small globe

Basically, IBM wants to be everywhere, in everything. Which makes sense, as people have found themselves tied to the ecosystems of companies like Microsoft and Apple, simply because it is too much trouble to change. You can tell Big Blue is serious about this, because it is trying to get everyone inside and outside of the company working on it

Internal Innovation

Every year, IBM asks the staff to suggest problems they think the company’s technology can be used to solve. They call this Plan It Day. The winning solutions are then actually created on Do It Day.

This year, an app was created to help find missing people, and IBM plans to market it to charities, government agencies and police stations. reported:

“Being an internal project, as well as the fact so many external stakeholders were required to buy into the idea for it to achieve mass adoption, the main measures of success would be getting the powers-that-be at IBM to commit more money to the app e and police forces to commit to using it.”

External Development

In addition to getting all of the company’s employees in on the act, IBM is also reaching out to many different people and organizations outside the company. According to, IBM is making its artificial intelligence technology available to developers.

“IBM has released tools for developers to plug its Watson artificial intelligence into any device or thing, from robots to walls.”

This effort has been named Project Intu, but it isn’t the only thing IBM has in the works. The company has allocated $50 million to study drug resistant tumors for five years.

“IBM Watson Health has partnered with the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard for a research initiative to find the root cause of cancer drug resistance.”

Missing children, curing cancer. Even if IBM is trying to be everywhere, in everything, at least the company will be using its power for good.