Is Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) Finally Getting a Clue?

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The neglect of Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, while he devotes most of his time to more recent startup, Square, has resulted in major problems that have caused the share price to dwindle. The problem is that, though Dorsey refuses to give the company the attention it needs and deserves, he also refuses to let anyone else take over as CEO.

Many of Twitter’s problems could be solved with effective leadership. Instead, top personnel are leaving in droves. The latest casualties are Renee Atwood, a recent appointee as head of human resources, and Jeffrey Siminoff, who only joined Twitter a little over a year ago as its new diversity chief.

Of course, hiring Siminoff to lead Twitter’s diversity initiative was a sign of apathy in itself. When a company is trying to remedy a lack of women and minorities among employees, hiring a white male to lead those efforts makes no sense whatsoever.

The only way Dorsey seems to be willing to turn Twitter over to new management is by selling it, which he has not been enthusiastic about in the past. While he seems keener on the idea these days, the company is way too overpriced for the shape it’s in at the moment.

In addition to lack of feature development, Twitter is notorious for being overrun by trolls. In fact, that issue has been more of a factor in turning off potential buyers than anything else. And, finally, the company may be trying to remedy that situation.

Twitter has announced three new features in an attempt to mitigate abusive behavior on the platform.

  • Users banned for harassment will no longer be able to open new accounts.
  • Twitter will prevent sensitive tweets by blocked or muted accounts from appearing in search results on the Internet.
  • Abusive comments will be collapsed so that users will have to “opt in” to see those replies.

If these measures are successful in greatly improving the user experience, they may make the company more attractive to buyers…which would be great for long-suffering shareholders.