John Deere Never Stops Improving

    John deere stock

    John Deere (NYSE: DE) is currently trading well above the S&P 500 and there is no question why. The company is constantly trying to improve its products, to better serve the needs of its many different types of customers.

    Deere actually operates in four separate sectors:

    • Agricultural equipment
    • Construction and forestry equipment
    • Consumer and commercial equipment
    • Credit

    At the moment, the company has announcements for upgrades across all the equipment segments, showing just how hard it works at staying on the cutting edge. Here are just some of the products Deere has improved.

    Tillage Tools

    Deere just introduced two new tools in the agricultural equipment line: the 2330 Mulch Finisher and the 2230 Field Cultivator. It is a testament to the company’s determination to serve the widest range of customers as possible that just the Mulch Finisher alone is available in nine separate widths, all the way up to 56.25 feet.


    Showing just how much the company listens to what its customers need and want, Deere has updated two of its excavators to include requested features. The 75G and 85G excavators will now be equipped with, among other things, a hydraulic coupler capability for those who wish to use backhoe buckets and proportional auxiliary hydraulics that can be hand-controlled. Other features will also make these machines even more suited to working on congested job sites than they already are.


    While John Deere might seem like a firmly earthbound corporation, they are actually quite technology oriented. The latest example of that is the creation of a golf course management platform based entirely in the cloud. Not only will it collect and manage data about labor, equipment and playing conditions, it will also offer state of the art weather forecasting services. Now wonder, then, that the PGA of America has now made John Deere its Official Golf Course Turf Equipment Provider.

    No one company can please everyone all of the time. But that doesn’t seem to stop John Deere from trying, and according to their share price trajectory, the company is succeeding pretty well.