New Lawsuit for Johnson & Johnson

    lawsuit written on paper

    A mere four days after a Texas jury awarded $1 billion in punitive damages to six patients due to Johnson & Johnson’s (NYSE: JNJ) defective DePuy Orthopedics hip replacement product, an Indiana has filed another lawsuit in New Jersey over the same item. There are now over 8,000 lawsuits in progress against the pharmaceutical giant over that one product.

    Allegedly, a defect in the hip replacement product can lead to tissue death, tumors and bone erosion, as well as causing severe inflammation and pain. The latest lawsuit claims that the plaintiff constantly suffered debilitating instability and pain that was caused by friction from the joint’s movement after having his left hip completely replaced by the DePuy device in 2008.

    According to the suit, the plaintiff was required to undergo a second total hip replacement in 2014 in order to correct the issue and it is still possible that he may need further procedures.

    Mindy Tinsley, the spokeswoman for DePuy, issued a statement by email which seems to deny any negligence on the part of the company:

    “We have no greater responsibility than to the patients who use our products, and our goal is to create medical innovations that help people live more active and comfortable lives. DePuy acted appropriately and responsibly in the design and testing of ULTAMET Metal-on-Metal, and the product is backed by a strong track record of clinical data showing reduced pain and restored mobility for patients suffering from chronic hip pain.”

    A different brand of hip replacement devices, the ASR, was recalled by Johnson & Johnson in 2010. The company has set aside $2.5 billion to pay any patient damages which might arise from lawsuits due to that product. If the damages being awarded for the earlier device are any indication, that sum may not be nearly enough.