Nintendo Reveals…

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So, Nintendo finally got around to an official announcement about the new game console everyone has been waiting for, and speculating about, for what seems like forever.

The two biggest pieces of information are related to the name and the release date. The console will not retain the code name Nintendo had originally bestowed upon it, the NX. No, the name has been switched to…wait for it…The Switch.

Alrighty then. Moving on.

Though there might be some grumbles, jokes or teasing about the name, that was probably one the least important morsels of information to gamers. No, what they really wanted to know was when they were going to be able to get their hands on the console.

And the answer to that is: sometime in March 2017. This will likely be viewed favorably, since it is exactly what Nintendo had already told investors, and they don’t like hearing about delays.

Another important reveal was the hybrid nature of the machine. Nintendo confirmed that the device will function as a full console when hooked up to a television, but may also be undocked for portability. The huge surprise, however, is that The Switch doesn’t look like at all like a traditional game console at all, but rather, more like a mini tablet that is about 6 or 7 inches wide.

That was probably the biggest tidbit, and the one that will be most responsible for driving sales.

Also of interest, however, was the confirmation that Nvidia will be providing a custom chipset. Unfortunately, no information was given that would indicate just how powerful it would be.

Gamers seemed more than adequately impressed by what now seems to be a transformative device within the industry. But there is still quite a way to go before there is a definitive look at the actual device. It’s too early to call The Switch a success.